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Tue Jul 9 22:04:39 2019 UTC (2 years, 3 months ago) by karl
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enable final sigma ligatures in lgr-*.tfm
1 The Gentium Plus PS fonts are Type 1 versions of the TrueType Gentium
2 fonts released by SIL International. The conversion to Type 1
3 necessarily introduces changes in the implementation of the shapes and
4 the metrics. No changes to the shapes or advance widths have been made
5 by humans, but a few human-made changes are in the kerning tables for
6 the regular and italic; see below.
8 The Gentium Plus PS fonts incorporate the name "Gentium" by permission
9 of SIL given to the TeX Users Group (TUG). These fonts are
10 semi-officially released and maintained under the auspices of TUG. For
11 internal development changes, see the file ChangeLog.
13 Each of the SIL fonts also has its own FONTLOG.txt. Please consult
14 these FONTLOGs in their separate font project (Gentium*) subfolders here
15 for a full record of changes, and for more information on the individual
16 font projects.
18 The home page for the Gentium Plus PS fonts and TeX support package:
19 https://tug.org/gentium
21 9 July 2019 (TeX development team) Gentium Plus PS version 1.1.1
22 - In lgr-*.tfm (only), add ligatures sigma + boundarychar -> final sigma.
24 6 April 2015 (TeX development team) Gentium Plus PS version 1.1
25 - Update to GentiumPlus 5.000.
27 2 July 2013 (TeX development team, see below) Gentium Plus PS version 1.0
28 - First public release.
31 Basic information
32 -----------------
33 The Type 1 regular and italic are derived from Gentium Plus,
34 while the Type 1 bold and bold italic are derived from Gentium Basic.
36 There are no intentional changes in the bold and bold italic beyond
37 those made by the automatic conversion to Type 1.
39 These are the changes in the regular and italic; we hope they will be
40 incorporated in the original fonts in due time.
42 - Some extra kerning pairs were added between accents and capital
43 Greek letters.
45 - There are additional kerning pairs for accented Latin letters, the
46 Czech/Slovak letters dcaron and lcaron, and for small caps. The
47 original fonts have no such kerning pairs. Manual corrections are
48 still needed in some cases, e.g., initial cap followed by small cap.
50 - There was a positive kern between the letters D and V in the regular
51 style of Gentium Plus. The derived font has a negative kern.
53 The conversion process, including these changes, is implemented in the
54 Python and FontForge scripts included in the packages, e.g., ff-gentium.pe.
55 Except that since the final sigma ligatures added in July 2019 only
56 involve the TeX files, they were implemented with TeX tools;
57 see ./source/fonts/gentium-tug/Makefile for specifics.
59 Acknowledgements
60 ----------------
61 (Here is where contributors can be acknowledged. If you make modifications be
62 sure to add your name (N), email (E), web-address (W) and description (D).
63 This list is sorted by last name in alphabetical order.)
65 The full acknowledgements for the individual fonts can be found in the
66 FONTLOGs for each separate font project.
68 N: Karl Berry
69 E: karl@freefriends.org
70 W: http://freefriends.org/~karl/
71 D: Documentation, licensing, distribution, SIL <-> TUG contact, etc.
73 N: Pavel Farar
74 E: pavel.farar@centrum.cz
75 D: Cyrillic support, conversion and generation scripts, etc.
77 N: Mojca Miklavec
78 E: mojca.miklavec.lists@gmail.com
79 D: ConTeXt support, conversion and generation scripts, etc.
81 N: Clea F. Rees
82 W: [404] http://cardiff.ac.uk/encap/contactsandpeople/profiles/rees-clea.html
83 D: Original LaTeX support, documentation, conversion.
85 N: Thomas A. Schmitz
86 E: thomas.schmitz@uni-bonn.de
87 W: [404] http://www.philologie.uni-bonn.de/personal/schmitz
88 D: Initial version of TeX support files, AGR encoding, ConTeXt support
90 N: Ralf Stubner
91 E: ralf.stubner@gmail.com
92 D: Ligatures for final sigma in lgr-*.tfm.


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