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Sat Jan 31 22:20:34 2015 UTC (6 years, 10 months ago) by karl
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GentiumPlus 5.000 from http://scripts.sil.org/Gentium (specifically, http://scripts.sil.org/cms/scripts/render_download.php?format=file&media_id=GentiumPlus-5.000.zip&filename=GentiumPlus-5.000.zip)
2 Gentium Plus font family
3 ========================
6 This file provides detailed information on the Gentium Plus family of fonts.
7 This information should be distributed along with the Gentium Plus fonts and
8 any derivative works.
11 Basic Font Information
12 ----------------------
14 Gentium ("belonging to the nations" in Latin) is a Unicode typeface family
15 designed to enable the many diverse ethnic groups around the world who use
16 the Latin script to produce readable, high-quality publications. The
17 design is intended to be highly readable, reasonably compact, and visually
18 attractive. Gentium has won a "Certificate of Excellence in Typeface
19 Design" in two major international typeface design competitions:
20 bukva:raz! (2001), TDC2003 (2003).
22 The Gentium Plus font family is based on the original design. It currently
23 comes with regular and italic face only, although additional weights are in
24 development.
26 The goal for this product is to provide a single Unicode-based font family
27 that contains a comprehensive inventory of glyphs needed for almost any
28 Roman- or Cyrillic-based writing system, whether used for phonetic or
29 orthographic needs, and provide a matching Greek face. In addition, there
30 is provision for other characters and symbols useful to linguists. This
31 font makes use of state-of-the-art font technologies to support complex
32 typographic issues, such as the need to position arbitrary combinations
33 of base glyphs and diacritics optimally.
35 Two fonts from this typeface family are included in this release:
37 * Gentium Plus Regular
38 * Gentium Plus Italic
40 Work is ongoing to provide bold and bold-italic weights, as well as a
41 complete book-weight family.
43 For detailed documentation see the contents of the 'documentation' folder.
46 A Note Regarding the Open Font License and TypeTuner
47 ----------------------------------------------------
49 The OFL prohibits the use of Reserved Font Names "Gentium" and "SIL" in
50 the name of any font that is derived from the Original Version of Gentium
51 Plus. However, SIL International (the Copyright Holder) grants through
52 this separate written agreement the right to use the Reserved Font Names
53 in any Modified Version of this font created by using TypeTuner as long
54 as the feature information contained in the Original Version is used,
55 unmodified, as the source for TypeTuner feature information, and
56 "Gentium Plus" is not the resulting font family name.
58 TypeTuner-produced fonts created in this manner are still bound by the
59 terms of the OFL. Specifically, the use of Reserved Font Names is
60 prohibited when making derivatives of a TypeTuner-produced font. Anyone
61 making a derivative of a TypeTuner font will need to find a different
62 name. For example a TypeTuner-produced font may be named
63 "Gentium Plus Literacy SomeFarAwayPlace" but a derivative of that font made
64 with other tools would not be allowed to use the "Gentium" and "SIL"
65 Reserved Font Names and would have to be named something like "Nations Serif".
68 ChangeLog
69 ---------
70 (This should list both major and minor changes, most recent first.)
72 27 Oct 2014 (SIL NRSI team) Gentium Plus version 5.000
73 - Added Stylistic Sets to the font for OpenType support
74 of previously Graphite-only features
75 - Added Character Variants to the font for OpenType support
76 of previously Graphite-only features
77 - Added Serbian feature when Serbian language is turned on
78 - Added hook D variant feature (for U+018A/U+0257)
79 - Removed "Show deprecated PUA" feature
80 - Removed "Romanian-style diacritics" feature
81 (because glyphs are now encoded)
82 - Removed "Diacritic selection" feature
83 - Added U+039E, U+03BC, U+03C6 and U+03C9 in the Greek and Coptic block
84 - Added U+0528..U+052F in the Cyrillic Supplement block
85 - Added U+2041 in the General Punctuation block
86 - Added U+2095..U+209C in the Superscripts and Subscripts block
87 - Added U+20B6..U+20BD in the Currency Symbols block
88 - Added U+210C, U+2113, U+2117, U+212D, U+2135, U+214F in the
89 Letterlike Symbols block
90 - Added U+2150..U+2152 and U+2189 in the Number Forms block
91 - Added U+2226, U+2234..U+2235, U+2262, U+2282..U+2287 in the
92 Mathematical Operators block
93 - Added U+2640, U+2642, U+266D, U+266F in the Miscellaneous Symbols block
94 - Added U+27E8..U+27E9 in the Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A block
95 - Added U+2C7E..U+2C7F in the Latin Extended-C block
96 - Added U+2C88 in the Coptic block
97 - Added U+2E00..U+2E0D, U+2E3A..U+2E3B in the Supplemental
98 Punctuation block
99 - Added U+A736..U+A73F, U+A742..U+A74D, U+A750..U+A787, U+A790..U+A7AD,
100 U+A7B0..U+A7B1, U+A7F7..U+A7FA in the Latin Extended-D block.
101 These were also added to relevant features.
102 - Added U+A92E in the Kayah Li block (to support the Kayah Li language
103 when using the Roman script)
104 - Added U+AB64..U+AB65 in the Latin Extended-E block
105 - Added U+1D40C, U+1D504..U+1D505, U+1D50A, U+1D50E..U+1D50F, U+1D514,
106 U+1D516..U+1D517, U+1D519 in the Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols block
107 - Added PUA characters U+F26C (curl J) and U+F26D (left-hook b)
108 - Characters in our PUA that were added to Unicode have had their
109 codepoints updated:
110 F1AD>A7F9, F266>A78E, F26B>A78D, F32C>0526, F32D>0527, F17B>1DFD, F209>2C70
111 - These PUA characters were deprecated (now white on black glyphs):
112 U+F17B, U+F1AD, U+F209, U+F247, U+F248, U+F266, U+F26B, U+F32C, U+F32D
113 - Deleted U+0149 as it is officially deprecated in Unicode
114 - Added support for shorter macrons under narrow letters (i,l,r,t).
115 (This only works for Graphite or using precomposed characters in OpenType.)
116 - Made it possible for saltillo characters (U+A78B and U+A78C) to "carry"
117 diacritics
118 - Improved design of U+A722..U+A725 and U+A78D
119 - Refactored all cedilla positioning
120 - Removal of unneeded duplicate glyphs (because of improvements in smart
121 font code)
122 - Bug fix in Graphite code to allow for simultaneous selection of Vietnamese
123 alternates and Small Caps
124 - Bug fix in Graphite code to allow for simultaneous selection of Ogonek
125 alternates and Small Caps
126 - Subscript and Superscript parentheses, minus, plus and equals were raised.
127 Metrics were not changed.
128 - Adjusted tails on U+2C6B, U+2C6C
129 - Arrowhead design of U+21A8 modified to match the other arrows
130 - Placement of Ogonek revisited
131 - Improved hinting
132 - Version number bumped up to match other SIL Roman fonts
133 - Slight modification to positioning of U+0361 and U+035C
134 - Narrow No-Break Space (U+202F) adjusted to be narrower
135 than the No-Break Space (U+00A0)
136 - Changed the strongly curved hooks on Cyrillic U+04C3..U+04C4, U+04C7..U+04C8,
137 U+04FC..U+04FD, U+0512..U+0513 to be more consistent with other hooks and also
138 reshaped U+0402, U+0452, U+0494, U+0495, U+04A6, U+04A7, U+0520..U+0523 to match
139 - Modified Cyrillic italic versions of U+04AF, U+04B1
140 - Changed postscript names for U+0218 and U+0219
141 - Changed postscript names for U+2203, U+232A and U+2329
142 - "Hide tone contour staves" feature now works with single tonebar
143 - Fixed outline for U+1DBF
144 - Allowed combining marks to render properly with U+02D0
145 - Added U+037F in the Greek and Coptic block
146 - Adjusted U+1FBD so that it is a spacing mark in Graphite
147 - Improved design of U+2C72 and U+2C73 (hook w) for collision avoidance
148 - Adjusted width of U+005F
149 - Adjusted design of U+0264
151 1 Aug 2012 (SIL NRSI team) Gentium Plus version 1.510
152 - Changed Graphite feature identifiers from integers to 4-character
153 alphanumeric tags (no other changes)
155 12 Sep 2011 (SIL NRSI team) Gentium Plus version 1.508
156 - Removed the VDMX table
157 - Changed version number (using ttfsetver)
159 25 Aug 2011 (SIL NRSI team) Gentium Plus version 1.506
160 - Double-encoded the SIL PUA characters which were added to Unicode 5.2 and 6.0
161 (using ttfremap)
162 - Corrected problem with coverage tables (using ttfsortcover)
163 - Changed version number (using ttfsetver)
164 - Added device metric tables
165 - Added an empty dsig table
167 16 Nov 2010 (SIL NRSI team) Gentium Plus version 1.504
168 - Added codepage bits for 1251 (Cyrillic), 1257 (Windows Baltic), 1258
169 (Vietnamese)
171 1 Nov 2010 (SIL NRSI team) Gentium Plus version 1.502
172 - Regular and Italic weights only
173 - New OpenType and Graphite support
174 - Converted kerning to OpenType (but not Graphite)
175 - New extended Cyrillic script support, inc. Serbian alternates
176 - Character set and features up to same level as Charis SIL 4.106
177 - Support for more historic Greek characters and alternate seriffed beta
178 - No separate GentiumAlt fonts (replaced by font features)
179 - Added WOFF versions and examples
181 28 Nov 2005 (Victor Gaultney) Gentium version 1.02
182 - Changed licensing to the SIL Open Font License
183 - Included FontLab source files
184 - Fixed some duplicate PostScript glyph names
185 - Fixed italic angle
187 19 Sep 2003 (Victor Gaultney) Gentium version 1.01
188 - Maintenance release focused on changing internal font
189 - Information to reflect the changeover to an SIL project
190 - There is only one bug fix - the Greek mu PS name was changed to try and fix
191 a display/printing problem. There is still no manual hinting.
193 16 Sep 2002 (Victor Gaultney) Gentium version 1.00
194 - First public release
195 - No manual hinting is included in this version. Some has been done - with
196 good results - but is not yet complete enough.
199 Information for Developers/Contributors
200 ---------------------------------------
202 The release of Gentium Plus version 1.502 (and any subsequent versions) under
203 the OFL license provides a means for people to modify the fonts to meet their
204 needs and contribute to the project. For information on what you're allowed to
205 change or modify, consult the OFL and OFL-FAQ.
207 Anyone can make their own modified version of Gentium Plus (using a different
208 name), but SIL International will continue to maintain and develop the
209 canonical version of the Gentium Plus fonts. As the package maintainer, we
210 welcome contributions. Here are some things to keep in mind:
212 Format: We are open to contributions in various formats, but if you want to
213 maximise the chances of us including your work, please make it available to
214 us (via email or a URL) as either a FontLab database (preferred) or a
215 PostScript Type 1 (or OT-CFF) font.
217 Source files: The primary source files for the fonts are the fonts themselves.
218 They contain all the important data in the fonts and can be studied and
219 modified using open font tools such as FontForge and TTX. The developer
220 release contains additional source files that might be useful. See the file
221 source/SOURCES.txt in that release archive for further information.
223 Copyright attribution: If you submit something for inclusion in the main
224 Gentium Plus fonts, we will ask you to affirm that it is your original work,
225 and ask you to assign the copyright of your work to SIL International. This
226 is to ensure that future releases can be made under improved versions of the
227 OFL without needing to track you down for further permission. This follows
228 the same principle used by the FSF. Keep in mind that we are a
229 not-for-profit organization committed to free/libre and open source
230 software, and that any contributions incorporated in the fonts will always
231 be available under the OFL or a similar license.
233 Quality: Because we want to be able to guarantee a high level of quality for
234 the primary Gentium Plus fonts, we will review submissions carefully. Please
235 don't be discouraged if we do not include a submission for this reason, or
236 ask you to make specific revisions.
238 Types of contributions: If you wish to make a contribution - a set of
239 additional glyphs, scripts, code, etc. - please contact us before you do any
240 work to see if it is a contribution we currently need. Every addition adds
241 to the complexity of the project and needs to be carefully planned. This
242 also avoids two people working on the same type of addition at the same time.
244 Linux packages: Please contact the upstream maintainer of the various
245 packages - nicolas_spalinger@sil.org - if you want to help package or
246 maintain a package.
248 When submissions will be included: We plan to revise the fonts when major
249 updates are needed (eg new versions of Unicode). If you wish to make
250 submissions, contact us on the timing.
253 Acknowledgements
254 ----------------
255 (Here is where contributors can be acknowledged. If you make modifications be
256 sure to add your name (N), email (E), web-address (W) and description (D).
257 This list is sorted by last name in alphabetical order.)
259 N: Victor Gaultney
260 E: victor_gaultney@sil.org
261 W: http://www.sil.org/~gaultney/
262 D: Original Designer
264 N: Annie Olsen
265 E: http://scripts.sil.org/support
266 W: http://scripts.sil.org/
267 D: Contributed some extended Latin glyphs
269 N: Iska Routamaa
270 E: http://scripts.sil.org/support
271 W: http://scripts.sil.org/
272 D: Contributed some extended Latin glyphs and extensive work on the italic face
274 N: SIL font engineers
275 E: http://scripts.sil.org/support
276 W: http://scripts.sil.org/
277 D: Graphite, OpenType, and TypeTuner code, and build support
279 The Gentium and Gentium Plus fonts are maintained by SIL International.
281 For more information please visit the Gentium page on SIL International's
282 Computers and Writing systems website: http://scripts.sil.org/gentium
284 Support through the website: http://scripts.sil.org/Support


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