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Revision 76 - (view) (annotate) - [select for diffs]
Modified Thu Feb 22 04:47:40 2018 UTC (3 years, 9 months ago) by vincentb1
File length: 6342 byte(s)
Diff to previous 73
Fix makedtx.tds.zip archiviing for CTAN

* Makefile (makedtx.tds.zip): Place makedtx.tds.zip at the right
place --- ie root --- in makedtx.zip

Revision 73 - (view) (annotate) - [select for diffs]
Modified Wed Feb 21 15:31:51 2018 UTC (3 years, 9 months ago) by vincentb1
File length: 6348 byte(s)
Diff to previous 72
Use README.txt instead of README.org for delivery to CTAN

* Makefile (READMEFILE): Use .txt instead of .org.
(check_vc): Add message how to force build when there are uncommitted changes.

* doc/support/makedtx/Makefile (README.txt, clean): add README.txt
target, use Emacs OrgMode text export.

Revision 72 - (view) (annotate) - [select for diffs]
Modified Mon Feb 19 21:54:52 2018 UTC (3 years, 9 months ago) by vincentb1
File length: 6288 byte(s)
Diff to previous 71
Prepare delivery 1.2 to CTAN

* Makefile (ctan): Add check_vc dependency.
(check_vc): new target.
(test): new target --- convenience to launch test.
(ctantag): new target.

* doc/support/makedtx/CHANGES.org: Prepare delivery 1.2 to CTAN.

* doc/support/makedtx/makedtx.bib: Import --- forgotten in the initial import.

* doc/support/makedtx/makedtx.tex: Change date and format it with datetime2.

Revision 71 - (view) (annotate) - [select for diffs]
Added Thu Sep 28 21:12:16 2017 UTC (4 years, 2 months ago) by Vincent
File length: 5114 byte(s)
Add distribution packaging Makefile.

* trunk/Makefile: New file.

* trunk/doc/support/makedtx/CHANGES.org: Renamed of CHANGES. Add
comment on version 1.2.

* trunk/doc/support/makedtx/Makefile (README.org): Make README.org
have version & date automatically generated.
(realclean): new target.

* trunk/doc/support/makedtx/README-org.m4: Renamed of README. Make
version and date be M4 macros. Say that doc can be generated more
simply with latexmk.

* trunk/doc/support/makedtx/latexmkrc.pl: Initialize
@default_files so that one can compile with just `latexmk -r

* trunk/doc/support/makedtx/makedtx.tex: Clarify, concerning
-macrocode, that it does not affect whether the code is inserted,
but how it is inserted.

* trunk/test/Makefile (realclean): New target.

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