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Revision 71 - Directory Listing
Modified Thu Sep 28 21:12:16 2017 UTC (4 years ago) by Vincent
Add distribution packaging Makefile.

* trunk/Makefile: New file.

* trunk/doc/support/makedtx/CHANGES.org: Renamed of CHANGES. Add
comment on version 1.2.

* trunk/doc/support/makedtx/Makefile (README.org): Make README.org
have version & date automatically generated.
(realclean): new target.

* trunk/doc/support/makedtx/README-org.m4: Renamed of README. Make
version and date be M4 macros. Say that doc can be generated more
simply with latexmk.

* trunk/doc/support/makedtx/latexmkrc.pl: Initialize
@default_files so that one can compile with just `latexmk -r

* trunk/doc/support/makedtx/makedtx.tex: Clarify, concerning
-macrocode, that it does not affect whether the code is inserted,
but how it is inserted.

* trunk/test/Makefile (realclean): New target.

Revision 70 - Directory Listing
Added Sat Sep 23 19:41:23 2017 UTC (4 years ago) by Vincent
Create test bench.

* trunk/test/Makefile: New file.

* trunk/test/reference/dashdate-1/dashdate.ins: New file.

* trunk/test/reference/dashdate-1/dashdate.dtx: New file.

* trunk/test/source/dashdate/dashdate.perl: New file.

* trunk/test/source/dashdate/dashdate.sty: New file.

* trunk/test/source/dashdate/manual.tex: New file.

* trunk/scripts/makedtx/makedtx: Create test mode ; test mode
normalize the output w.r.t. creation date, copyright date, command
line arguments list order.

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