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1 $Id$
2 README for latex2e.texi, aka the latex2e-help-texinfo package.
3 This README file originally written 2008, Karl Berry.
5 This project is an attempt to write a reference manual for core LaTeX.
6 It is unofficial and the LaTeX Project members have not reviewed it.
8 https://puszcza.gnu.org.ua/software/latexrefman/ (the project home page)
9 has more information, including links to the current output in various
10 formats, sources, mailing lists, and other infrastructure.
12 We offer two web versions of the manual. A version that is split
13 into separate web pages for each section or subsection is here.
14 https://latexref.xyz
15 We also have a single-page version.
16 http://latexref.xyz/dev/latex2e.html
18 Help is most definitely wanted. (Search for "xx" in the source for just
19 a few of the known deficiencies.) Please email any bug reports, new
20 material, general discussion, whatever, to latexrefman@tug.org (see
21 http://lists.tug.org/latexrefman for archives and subscription via the web).
23 License: the manual is released under the old-style GNU documentation
24 license, because that is what the original authors used. (It was the
25 recommended license at the time.) This README file and other
26 supplementary files are public domain.


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