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Thu Apr 7 21:21:03 2016 UTC (5 years, 2 months ago) by vincentb1
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* latex2e-fr.texi: Updated @set UPDATED.

* aspell.es.pws: new file.

* aspell.fr.pws: new file.

* Makefile.1: new file evolved from Makefile, to be merged
later-on with Makefile once Karl has more time to review it and
validate the design. Compared to orignal Makefile the changes are
as follows, where xx denotes the language, ie is a two letter word
in {en,fr,es}:

- make it futureproof w.r.t. to new languages addition.

- make it safer:
  - test for uncommitted changes before preparing distribution zip
  - automate @set UPDATED flag before preparing distribution zip

- add target dist-xx, to prepare distribution for language xx only, this
  triggers automatic update of @set UPDATED flag for the corresponding

- modify spell and spell-en target so as to support all languages. I had
  to add custom dicitionnary for fr and es. spell will check all the
  languages, use spell-en for English only. My aspell seems to be too
  old to support --mode=texinfo, so I could not test it.

- modify target dist so that french is added to the zip file. Please
  note that dist will not trigger automatic update of the @set UPDATED
  flag, before Makefile cannot know which manual has been updated and
  which not. This will also make the uncommitted check.

- add target updated-date-xx to automatically update @set UPDATED flag
  in the xx manual

- add target updated-xx to do updated-date-xx + rebuild all outputs for

- add target tag to make a tag, you can use this as follows for default
  CTAN tag (which is `ctanYYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:SS', where
  YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:SS is an ISO time stamp):

	make tag

  or you can do this for make tag `foo' with message `Some message':

	make tag TAG=foo "MESSAGE=Some message"
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