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alpha_3_1_91_berkeley_txn/  1401  14 years  gray   Port r1400 from trunk
gmach/  1608  13 years  gray  * THANKS: Add Tom Lynch. Obfuscate email addresses. * pmult/pmult.c: Remove klud…
gmach-before-rename/  1574  13 years  gray  Ported r1571 from branches/gmach: * src/engine.c: (milter_conn_accept): Take a …
lolcode/  1695  13 years  gray  Sync with trunk
mailfromd/  3  16 years    This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'mailfromd'.
release_3_0_patches/  882  14 years  gray  Update
release_3_1_patches/  1358  14 years  gray  Bug fixes (sync with trunk)
release_4_0_patches/  1485  14 years  gray  Fix line counting within here-documents
release_4_2_patches/  1536  13 years  gray  Create patch branch
release_4_3_patches/  1632  13 years  gray  src/prog.c (env_throw, env_throw_0, env_throw_bi): Fix signatures.
release_4_4_patches/  1661  13 years  gray  * src/snarf.m4, src/bi_sprintf.m4, src/prog.h, src/bi_sieve.m4, Ported r1655 fro…
simple/  62  16 years    This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'simple'.
v_1_0/  245  15 years  gray  Update

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