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Tue Mar 10 09:33:39 2009 UTC (12 years, 6 months ago) by gray
File size: 1076 byte(s)

* mfd/prog.c (env_capture_start): Do not create the stream if it
already exists. Bug reported by Con Tassios.
* mfd/bi_sieve.m4 (sieve): Don't free unexistend Sieve machines.
* THANKS: Update
* NEWS: Update

1 Mailfromd THANKS file.
3 Many people further contributed to mailfromd by reporting problems,
4 suggesting various improvements or submitting actual code. Here is a list
5 of these people in alphabetical order. Help us keep it complete and exempt
6 of errors.
8 Alan Dobkin <MailFromD --AT-- omnicomp --DOT-- org>
9 Brent Spencer <bspencer --AT-- XsiteDesigns --DOT-- com>
10 Con Tassios <ct --AT-- swin --DOT-- edu --DOT-- au>
11 Jan Rafaj <jr-mailfromd --AT-- cedric --DOT-- unob --DOT-- cz>
12 Jeff Ballard <ballard --AT-- engr --DOT-- wisc --DOT-- edu>
13 Nacho González López <nacho --AT-- es --DOT-- gnu --DOT-- org>
14 Patrick Dalais <patrick --AT-- depari --DOT-- co --DOT-- za>
15 Peter Markeloff <magic --AT-- farlep --DOT-- net>
16 Phil Miller <pmiller --AT-- hmc --DOT-- edu>
17 Sergey Afonin <a_s_y --AT-- sama --DOT-- ru>
18 Tom Lynch <tlynch --AT-- primate --DOT-- wisc --DOT-- edu>
19 Zeus Panchenko <zeus --AT-- dn --DOT-- farlep --DOT-- net>
22 ;;;; Local Variables:
23 ;;;; mode: Fundamental
24 ;;;; coding: utf-8
25 ;;;; End:


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