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Revision 1751 - Directory Listing
Modified Sat Nov 15 18:14:31 2008 UTC (12 years, 10 months ago) by gray
Improve handling of program privileges.

* lib/libmf.h (struct mf_privs): New data type.
(get_user_groups, mf_priv_setup, mf_epriv_setup): New prototypes.
* lib/userprivs.c (get_user_groups, mf_priv_setup)
(mf_epriv_setup): New functions.

* smap/smap.c: If user is specified, switch to effective uid/gid,
in order for msrv to create files with right privileges, on one
hand, and to be able to create pidfile in root-owned directories
(e.g. /var/run), on the other hand. This requires todays snapshot
of Mailutils.

* pies/pies.h (struct pies_privs_data): Remove
(struct component): Change type of `privs' to struct mf_privs.
(priv_setup): Remove.
* pies/pies.c: Use mf_priv* stuff to manipulate privileges.
* pies/progman.c: Likewise.
* pies/meta1gram.y (list): allow for trailing comma.

Revision 1709 - Directory Listing
Modified Fri Oct 31 15:39:01 2008 UTC (12 years, 10 months ago) by gray
Allow to configure which macros to pass to the filter.

* gnulib.modules: Add inttostr
* smap/smap.c, pies/progman.c, pies/pies.h: Use umaxtostr, instead
of mu_umaxtostr.

* pmult/pmult.c (struct pmult_priv_data): New members: argc,
(macro_trans, meta_stage_trans, macrotab, macronames): New
(translate_macros0, translate_macros): New functions.
(define_macros, define_macros_iter): New functions.
(_cb_define, request_auth_macros): New functions.
(pmult_cfg_param): New keyword `define-macro'.
(pmult_free): Free argv.
(pmult_negotiate): Use sm_pmfi_setmacs, if available.
(pmult_connect, pmult_helo, pmult_mail, pmult_rcpt)
(pmult_data, process_headers, pmult_eom): Use translate_macros.
(main): Handle want_auth_macros.

* configure.ac: Check for sm_pmfi_setmacs. This function should
appear in meta1-1.0.PreAlpha28.0.

Revision 1620 - Directory Listing
Modified Sat Mar 1 08:01:43 2008 UTC (13 years, 6 months ago) by gray
Ported r1619 from branches/release_4_3_patches.

* src/prog.c, src/prog.h (advance_pc): Fix type of the 2nd
* configure.ac: Use AC_TRY_LINK to check for libresolve.
* THANKS: Update	
* NEWS: Update

Revision 1612 - Directory Listing
Modified Sun Feb 10 14:08:36 2008 UTC (13 years, 7 months ago) by gray
Merged HEAD from branches/gmach

Revision 1528 - Directory Listing
Added Mon Nov 19 13:41:07 2007 UTC (13 years, 10 months ago) by gray
* smap: New directory.
* smap/smap.c: New file. A general-purpose socket map for MeTA1
(for future use).

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