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Added Thu Mar 13 13:53:32 2008 UTC (13 years, 7 months ago) by gray
* configure.ac (PAM_COMMON_INCLUDES): Add -I${top_srcdir}/lib.
(AC_OUTPUT): Add lib/Makefile.
* doc/pam-modules.texi: Document `transform' option.
* Make.rules: New file.

* lib/mem.c, lib/slist.c, lib/log.c, lib/converse.c,
lib/graypam.h, lib/Makefile.am, lib/transform.c.

* pam_regex/pam_regex.c: Implement user name transformations.

* pam_fshadow/Makefile.am, pam_sql/Makefile.am:
Add ../lib/libgraypam.la to LDADD
* pam_fshadow/pam_fshadow.c, pam_sql/pam_mysql.c,
pam_sql/pam_pgsql.c, pam_sql/pam_sql.c: Use functions from ../lib.

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