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xtrans/  24  13 years  root  Flush .cvsignore files
xml/  24  13 years  root  Flush .cvsignore files
rawdata/  11  17 years  gray  Minor fix
po/  24  13 years  root  Flush .cvsignore files
m4/  24  13 years  root  Flush .cvsignore files
graphics/  26  13 years  gray  
cgi-bin/  24  13 years  root  Flush .cvsignore files
mainstyle.css  14  17 years  gray  Added to the repository
configure.ac  20  16 years  gray  Use lingua instead of eXtrans
THANKS  14  17 years  gray  Added to the repository
README  14  17 years  gray  Added to the repository
NEWS  14  17 years  gray  Added to the repository
Makefile.am  20  16 years  gray  Use lingua instead of eXtrans
ChangeLog  23  16 years  gray  Updated
AUTHORS  14  17 years  gray  Added to the repository


Name Value
svn:ignore ABOUT-NLS Makefile Makefile.in aclocal.m4 autom4te.cache config.h config.h.in config.log config.status configure html scripts stamp-h1 tmp

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